Exams Are Looming


So. Exams this week. In 2 days I have the Psychology exam, and the next day is Self and Other. I am screwed. I have spent almost the entire SWOT VAC, as well as before then, and this weekend, procrastinating. And by almost, I mean 99%. I have spent about 2 hours answering practice psych questions, listened to 2 Self and Other lectures, and read about 3 halves of Self and Other readings. How productive! Yes, I am screwed.

I didn’t go to pretty much any of my Self and Other lectures this semester. And in the 4 or so I did attend, I spent my time sleeping. Psych’s okay. I could guess my way through that anyway. But I showed up late to half my tutes, and half an hour late to the one where we learnt about t-values and stuff, so I don’t have a clue how to do those. It’s just… Uni! The people are so much better than the actual work!

So yes, rather than study for an exam I have in 3 days, and don’t know anything about, I am procrastinating, by writing a blog post about how I have been procrastinating. I am a pro procrastinator. A PROcrastinator. Hehehe.

And on an awesome note, my Soundwave tickets just arrived! Yay!


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