It’s Times Like These I’m Glad To Be Female


Tara kidnapped me yesterday. Well, she called  me and dragged me away from uni before I even got to see a certain second-floorer. It was for an award she got for uni, and I’m her sister, so I forgive her. Well, more so because of what happened today, actually.

Today was awesome. 😀 I’ve just realised that I probably can’t say what I was going to without giving away who this person is… Crap. Oh well, he probably doesn’t know this exists anyway, so it’s alright. Well, one of the groups at uni had a meeting today, so we did the food shopping together. Alone. Yeah, there’s nothing special or exciting about that whatsoever… But we did have a nice long conversation. A completely random ordinary conversation, but any conversation’s good with me! 😀 Sigh. He is very nice.

So anyway, I’ve been thinking about him like all week. It’s quite annoying, really. I was thinking about him on the tram today. Just thinking about his face, and his voice (which is really awesome, by the way), and his hair, and his jacket… And then I started thinking what it would be like to kiss him. And let me tell you, the middle of a tram is not the best place to think such things. So yeah, thank God I’m not a guy…


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