I saw a fanvid on YouTube the other day. It was a tribute to all the creepy children on the TV show Supernatural. It was made by ILoveThesePeople, and the backing music was the song Come, Little Children. Some of you might know it as Sarah’s Song, from the movie Hocus Pocus. Anyway, here is the video:

Quite creepy, don’t you agree? But the song is really pretty! Sure, it’s creepy, but the singer has a gorgeous voice! It was so good, that I assumed it was either the original, or a professional cover that someone had released on their album. But no. It was a cover made by katethegreat19.  She arranged the song herself, putting all the verses of a poem to music, and added a bridge. She also performed all the music herself. Kate’s YouTube username is katethegreat19, but she also goes by Erutan. I advise you all to check out her music! Here is a video with the Final Fantasy IX theme song, which she wrote lyrics for:


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