So apparently I might have some kind of synesthesia. In case people don’t know what that is, it’s when multiple different senses are connected, in that one could ‘hear aromas’ or ‘see sounds’, etc.

Well, in my case, I can feel sound. Some sounds, like when people talk to me in a calm voice, feel like a light massage on my back. Like when the sun shines down on me. Some music also gives me a light massage. Other music sends tingles down my entire body. And some music is almost orgasmic. So yes, I may have a form of sound->touch synesthesia.

There are also some really specific types of synesthesia. And some are really obscure. But these specific types are actually quite common. For example, weekday->colour synesthesia. Monday is always red, Tuesday is always blue, and Wednesday is always green. Those connections are stronger than Thursday (which varies between dark purple and navy blue) and Friday (which varies between black and brown). Saturday and Sunday are always very bright, light colours. Sunday is always white, and Saturday is usually yellow, but sometimes it varies in tone, and can even be closer to white sometimes.

So yes, I may have synesthesia. How awesome! Maybe it’s why I like music so much. Because it makes me feel nice. Literally.

Edit: I was making out with my boyfriend the other day, and I was just bombarded with yellow! Every time we kissed, it was just ‘yellow yellow yellow’! Yellow patterns, yellow light… Just yellow, everywhere. It was bizarre. So if there’s some kind of kissing->colour synesthesia, then I’ve got that too.


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