Song-Writing Fail


I was in my room the other day. Late at night. I was meant to be sleeping, but oh my god I can never sleep O_O So I watched Community. Laughing silently is hard. But then it ended. The Dungeons and Dragons episode. The last episode I have. The episode that made me really want to play D&D.

But anyway, so I had nothing to do. So I went looking through my notebooks. And I found my old song book! The one I wrote crappy songs I made up in! And my god were they dreadful. One of the songs I wrote, the chorus popped into my head, and then I wrote my verses, which turned out to have a completely different meaning… My friend and I also wrote 2 country songs, and for some reason, we decided that since they were country songs, they actually had to be about the country. So we wrote country songs called Cattle in the Meadows, and Driving my Tractor. Perhaps I shall post these dreadful songs. The lyrics anyway, no way am I singing my own dreadful songs on the internet. The lyrics are bad enough, but if you add the tune… O_O No way.

I also found a poem I wrote in year 10 about my ex-boyfriend before we got together. I like that poem. It was fairly alright. I’m absolute shit at writing songs, but I’m decent at writing poems. That rhyme, anyway. Poems have to rhyme! Once, in primary school, we had to write a Haiku. And I made it rhyme 😛 I might post my poem up. Maybe even the really personal one I wrote for Creative Writing this year. But probably not. That is waaay to personal to put on the internet.

But anyway, back to songs. I am really weird. And when you add that to my crazy singing obsession hobby, it makes for an odd mix. You see, I feel the need to sing ALL THE TIME. But sometimes, I run out of songs that I know the words to. So I make songs up. On the spot. Which somehow simultaneously turn out weirder and more awesome than the songs I write down and remember. The other week I was in an operatic mood. So I made up an opera… about how I thought a dog wanted to kill me, so I attacked it, but it was actually just being friendly, so luckily my attack missed anyway. Today I was just in a weird nerd mood. So what’s the first thing I think of when I think of nerds? 2nd floor. That’s right, I sang a song about 2nd floor. Some things that featured prominently in the song were Magic, Tiernan’s beard, Tom’s coat, Griffin Archimedes Jeremiah Farnsworth Marziparlimous the 2nd, and Destiny the Wonder Poncho. Halfway through I did a kind of duet between Destiny and Griffin. Yes, I am insane.

So yes, the blog post entitled Song-Writing Fail doesn’t actually have much to do with my song-writing fails at all. Well, it kinda does, but I guess it’s more about my general weirdness. However, it is a nice intro to the song lyrics if I ever decide to post them.


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