Media Memoirs


Emma actually smiling! Yay!

Ah, year 10 media. Oh, the memories. Hearing Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’ for the first time. Watching the creepy video. Printing off the lyrics and singing it with Carly at the back of the classroom… Weird year, year 10. The year of the gloves and the pigtails. The year of the emo obsessedness. The year Carly and I met our sexy tree. The year the Francis drama started. I think. The year I met Aydin. The year I actually managed to get Emma smiling on camera!

With the sexy tree!

We got up to some weird shenanigans in year 10 media. We watched Freedom Writers in that class. Good movie, Freedom Writers. It made me buy the book. Anyway, after watching Freedom Writers, we were given an assignment. It was to make a trailer for a fake film about a teacher/class/school turning some students’ lives around. And of course, I felt the need to put to use my really bad acting talents, and fake-die on camera. So we revolved our trailer around my character getting stabbed (with a pen) by Carly’s character, and everyone bonding after the funeral. Most of our time was spent with me figuring out how to fall without putting my arms out to stop myself. Eventually, all we managed to get filmed was my death scene. Then we just filmed the bloopers. Our bloopers pretty much involved a giant conversation we had on the basketball courts while putting off returning to class. The conversation mainly consisted of the crush I had on Aydin, but didn’t want anyone knowing about. Which meant that it was basically me going nuts on camera. When we finally got around to putting the footage on the computer, I got all confused when footage I didn’t remember filming came up on the screen. Until someone told me that it was just the live feed from what the camera was seeing at that exact moment. *Shakes head at self.* Too bad we never saved that footage…

Carly 3000 - The Robot of Tomorrow!

Carly appears to have pushed Tyler hard enough for his head to fall off O_O

But anyway, we had some weird, pointless assignments in that class. Taking photos with straight lines… Taking photos using bizarre quarter rules… Making a photo look like a Polaroid… Making something pop out of a photo… Photoshopping already-photoshopped photos… Putting an image in the letters of our names… Taking photos from strange angles… Making an ad for something… And for some reason, like 80% of these assignments resulted in photos with either me or Carly posing like emos… Although my ad was for a Robot Carly, which wasn’t emo. And for some other reason, there’s a photo of me running. Which is weird, since that is something I do not do often. The rest of the photos are just of us acting all sexy towards another person or random object. Like a puddle. Mirror. Pole. The sexy tree.

Tyler apparently bullying me in a fake Polaroid...

me being all emo

Yes, year 10 media was quite weird. But fun. Fun because it was weird. Well, more because we didn’t really have to do anything. But still. I miss year 10 media. It was all watching movies and avoiding class. Although I suppose I could just do that now anyway. It’s not like anyone takes attendance at lectures anyway.

My Chemical Romance in my name


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