Hippies vs Hipsters


Just to clear a few things up – I’ve seen a comments made by some people recently indicating that they don’t know the difference between hippies and hipsters. They just seem to think that ‘hippy’ is a shortened form of ‘hipster’. Well, it’s not. So let me attempt to explain the two:

Hippies are, essentially, nature-lovers. Tree-huggers, flower-children, whatever you want to call them. But they love nature. Often vegetarians (ugh), sometimes vegans (bleurgh), hippies basically love all things nature-related, like plants, animals, the outdoors… If you go by the stereotype, female hippies can often be seen wearing maxi-dresses or maxi-skirts, and generally have long (often unstyled) hair, sometimes with dreadlocks. Stereotypical male hippies generally have long hair with dreadlocks, and wear weird baggy clothes. Stereotypical hippies get stoned and protest a lot. Of course, stereotypes are usually complete bullshit, but there are lots of those kinds of hippies out there, and to be honest, those hippies are much more fun to come across than the other, more ordinary ones. God I miss the days of freaking out my vegetarian friend with talk of eating Kangaroo meat. My new vegetarian friends aren’t crazy like that. 😦 It’s quite disappointing really.

And then there’s the hipsters. Blasted hipsters. You can generally spot them with their mustard pants and green cardigans. Well, basically any brightly coloured pants paired with a mismatching grandpa cardie really. Those who aren’t lucky enough to be short-sighted may decide to pop out the lenses of some 3D glasses to wear about town. I have a simple mathematical equation for determining if someone is a hipster:
hipster = indie + pretentiousness – music
Hipsters like things that aren’t cool or popular. But then of course all the hipsters do the same thing anyway, so it basically defeats the purpose.

But of course, I’m not a hippie or a hipster (thank God), so this is completely observational, and to be honest, most likely utter bullshit.

**No offense intended towards hippies or hipsters, but really, you should have read the warning on the ‘About’ page.


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