Not Being Racist Is The New Racism


Why don’t people get that racism is not just being an asshole to other races? It’s treating them differently. In any way. So DON’T try and tell me that all white people are racist! Because THAT is just a fucking racist thing to do in itself! I would have a bigger rant but most of the things I would say, I would probably get accused of being racist or saying them. Even though I seem to be the only one around here who has a real idea of what racism is. And those people like Tara from True Blood who think that everything someone says to them is racist? Well they just give me the shits. We’re not the ones being racist. YOU are, for automatically thinking we’re racist because we’re a different colour to you. God I hate not being able to speak my mind. Supposedly we live in a society that lets us speak our minds and voice our opinions, but I guess they didn’t take into consideration OTHER people’s opinions when they let us. Because everyone knows that those people with other opinions will have a go at us. And when it’s about racism, it’s a whole lot worse.

Oh, and the KFC ad! Come off it! That is not racist! You know what I got from that ad? The guy felt awkward being in the middle of a whole bunch of fans from the OTHER TEAM! I didn’t notice the races! I thought it was just that he was supporting a different team to everyone else, and felt awkward, cos you know how there are heaps of soccer hooligans! So he fed the fans KFC so they wouldn’t go all crazy on him because he goes for the other team. Jesus Christ people! You get racism out of everything!

People try so hard not to be racist, that it just seems racist in itself. I heard someone try to claim that My Big Fat Greek Wedding was racist. Were they Greek? No. So what claim do they have about what is racist against Greek people?

As Jeff Winger so rightly said, “not being racist is the new racism”.


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