Indigenous Rant


Indigenous Australians. Australia is NOT just made up of Indigenous Australians and Non-Indigenous Australians. Well, yes, technically it is, but Non-Indigenous Australians are completely different from each other. We are not one race of Non-Indigenous Australians. So why are health statistics only compared between Indigenous Australians and Non-Indigenous Australians? White people, black people, Asians, Indians, Native Americans, etc. all have differences in our average health. So why are they all grouped together? And they say that it’s horrible because Indigenous Australians only make up 2.7% of Australian’s population nowadays. And yeah, I suppose it is horrible. But it also makes it even worse that they’re grouping us into Indigenous VS Non-Indigenous! It’s like saying, “let’s group Australians into 2 groups. One can be 97.3% of the population and the other one can be 2.7%. What a fair grouping system!” Fuck off! We are Australians. If you want to take our race into account, take it into account! And don’t just take into account whether or not we are Indigenous!

Oh, and housing conditions. “Indigenous Australians have terrible housing conditions. Have a look at this photograph of an example of the poor housing conditions many Indigenous Australians live in.” *Looks at the photo* What the frig? This is just a bunch of crates and a campfire that most homeless people live with! It’s actually pretty fancy for homeless people too – look, crates for tables and chairs! This is NOT an example of Indigenous housing conditions. It’s an example of the conditions homeless people have to live in. Most of which who are not Indigenous at all.

I could go on for hours about this, and my voice would rise and rise and rise so much before I finish. I would probably end up clenching my fists and gritting my teeth as I talk, and maybe even get to the horrible stage of anger you get when you get tears in your eyes. Because this pisses me off SO MUCH! And yeah, you could call me racist. Well I’m SORRY for thinking that there is more to Australia than just Indigenous people and Non-Indigenous people.

And it’s not just that either. Acknowledgment of land. What is with that? I was watching a talk show, and the discussion was about whether or not acknowledging the land is always appropriate. One person recalled a funeral they went to, at which they acknowledged the Aboriginals as the original owners before they got into the ceremony. At a bloody FUNERAL! How is that appropriate? A funeral is a time for celebrating someone’s life, and mourning their death. It is not the time for politics!

And benefits. Sure, Aboriginals have a disadvantage. Why they haven’t tried to fix it themselves is unbeknownst to me. But whatever. Some Aboriginals are disadvantaged. Some Aboriginals actually have a significant amount of Aboriginal blood in them. But when people with one 16th of Aboriginal blood get to claim these benefits? When WEALTHY people with one-fifth Aboriginal blood get to claim them? It’s not right.


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