Goths Are NOT Evil!


Some people reeeally get on my nerves. Like the media. And people who make TV shows and movies. They always associate goths and metal and stuff with evil things. Like Satan. And I was reading this article about this teen murderer, and they said: “she had also become involved with gothic culture, whose adherents dress in dark clothing and reportedly praise suicidal behaviour.” For one, the ‘gothic culture’ does not praise suicidal behaviour. It is only a few weirdos who do, of which there are probably some of them in the non-gothic culture anyway. And another thing, goths are not evil! Being a goth or being involved in the ‘gothic culture’ has no place in this article about a murderer! Goddammit! That’s not why she killed someone! She killed someone because shes a crazy murderer! In case you haven’t already noticed, I am quite pissed off. And I’m not even a goth.

Tara showed me a letter in the newspaper a few weeks before I originally wrote this (that would be about 3 weeks, Gabe Fraser). A woman wrote in about an Opeth concert she went to. Alcohol was served, and in glass bottles too. Even so, there were no glassings, alcohol-related violence, fights involving fans, fights involving bouncers, racist comments/violence, etc. I wonder why this is? As I said before, and have said a million times, and will keep saying for the rest of my life, metal and its fans are not evil! Yet all those people continue to say that metalheads or fans or people with piercings, black hair, blah blah blah are evil. Hasn’t anyone realised by now that the ‘scariest looking’ people are usually the nicest? Many of the people I know are (even though I don’t find them scary). But it’s true! How many times do you hear about racism-related bashings or alcohol-related violence in which a goth or metalhead or emo (or another one of those labels that heaps of people continually group together) is involved as anything other than the victim? Not much, if at all, I can tell you that. So stop giving these people shit! You are probably one of those people who WILL be involved in the above incidents, and NOT as the victim.

Oh, and by the way. I know a guy called Tyson. He has dyed black hair, snakebite piercings, and wears black clothes, often band t-shirts – things that some people find scary. He once told me a story about something that happened to him. A woman told her daughter, in front of him, that she must never grow up to be like him, because he is the reincarnation of the devil. Now you see, Tyson is a very nice person, and so far as I know, has never done anything cruel to another person. From this story, it is obvious which one, out of him and that woman, is more like the ‘devil’.

** I apologise for any confusion reading this. I originally posted it a few years ago, and it needed quite a few grammatical tweaks.


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