Banning “Offensive” Music?


I read in the newspaper that cops want to ban people from playing “offensive” music loudly in their cars. I don’t know if it includes playing them in their houses really loud, but they definitely want it banned in cars.

So who decides what’s offensive? I think in the article they were talking about rap, but there is so much more music that different people find offensive. I don’t get offended by any music, but I know that some people do. The following kind of music could either be seen to have offensive lyrics, but they might not be thinking of them, since some of them are really poppy, or might get banned for no reason.

  • Lady Gaga’s songs. She sings about a disco stick. Come on. If they ban loud swearing but not loud disco sticks then these people are so incredibly… well idiotic!
  • Music with screaming in it. They might not be able to understand it and just decide to ban it because it sounds evil, because the kind of people who want to ban loud music are definitely the kind of people who are so judgmental like this.
  • Songs with absolutely no swearing in them, but which contain lyrics about death or suicide. I bet some people are offended by them. Everyone knows how much shit “emo’s” get.
  • Songs with complete, utter anti-religion. I hate religious crazy people. Sorry to all the religious people who aren’t crazy obsessed or I’ll-shove-my-beliefs-on-you-cos-I’m-a-hypocritical-asshole, but I’ve had too much experience with those kind of people so I’m writing about them. Compulsory bible studies… Disproving science… EW!
  • The rare Manson songs that don’t have swearing in them. Everyone always seems to hate him and I can’t see why… I wonder what Doll-Dagga-Buzz-Buzz-Ziggety-Zag is about… Does that have swearing?

Goddammit I can’t think of anymore now that I’m actually trying to. But now, for once, I am actually on the same side as the people who like disgusting rap and hip-hop. Cos I’m sure they still want to play their shitty music up real loud and try to blare it louder than us awesome people’s music at the traffic lights…

And if this ever happens, they better ban loud techno. Techno offends me. It is incredibly offensive to the people who like and make actual music. Pressing buttons on a computer? WTF? Try singing or banging some drums or strumming a guitar or at least pressing buttons on a keyboard for god’s sake! That involves talent. Techno involves pressing some buttons that will hopefully make a noise people find catchy. I can’t stand it. BTW I”m not actually being that serious – I’m not an offended freak.


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